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Great Roommates, Better Company and Amazing Shared Apartments

SKN Communities was created by two friends who were international students in LA based colleges. They lived and experienced co-living and student housing for many years first hand. The issues were always the same. Difficulty in renting a place especially for someone with no credit or international. Finding a good reliable roommate was another one. Making sure the place is kept up and look like in the pictures was another. From start to finish, most companies out there were flawed either through the whole process or in specific part of the process. That is why they decided to join forces and change this once in for all.

They redesigned the whole experience to the way they envisioned how renting in a city like Los Angeles should be. But they know there is always room for change and improvements. They believe renting is not a constant but rapidly evolving process. With their design in place, the entire platform, furniture, locations and the coliving experience is tailored to have a smooth and effortless experience for the residents. We proudly provide the best locations in Los Angeles and make it affordable for most of the young professionals and students by creating the roommate experience. 

Our goal is to create hotel-like setup and cleanliness in addition to homey comfort. We take pride in providing the best customer service and go above and beyond at delivering services which a regular management company would never be able to do so. We also aim to offer the best competitive rates in the market while providing extreme flexibility for our residents. 

The most important aspect of us is the sense of community. Our residents become a part of our family and can build long lasting friendships. It is very important to us, hence we added the word community to our company name. We are one big, loving community. We love to host our residents, keep them happy and satisfied for however long they would like to stay. We are happy to serve.


"Thanks to SKN communities I can go to college this year. I also got to pick a friend of mine as a roommate."
by Amit G.
5 Stars Google Review, Woodbury University Student
"Great place, Studio City Location. Apartment was very good and clean. For the money you can't beat it if going to school or internship. The gated community is a plus.. Also a Great way to meet and make new friends sharing the apartment. We would definitely rent from them again."
by Tom B.
5 Stars Google Review, Father of Intern at NBCUniversal
"Never would have been able to come out here without something like what they offer with their roommate matching service. They have been really nice and understanding since I have been here."
by Hannah E.
5 Stars Google Review, Young Professional from Idaho

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